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Amanda & the Outlaws

Based in: San Diego, CA

#AltCountry #Folk #American
a #Blues

Sounds Like:
Brandi Carlile, Florence & the Machine, First Aid Kit, Lucius



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Amanda & the Outlaws is a genre-defying band that fuses the raw energy of rock and roll with the heartfelt storytelling of country music. Call it roots, folk, alt-country, or Americana; with their infectious melodies, foot-stomping rhythms, and soulful lyrics, Amanda & the Outlaws has created a signature sound that is uniquely their own.

Led by the soaring vocals of front-woman Amanda Munro, this dynamic group delivers a captivating live experience that leaves audiences craving more.

With their high-energy performances and undeniable stage presence, Amanda & the Outlaws has been making waves at venues around San Diego, captivating crowds with their infectious energy and leaving a mark wherever they go. They are coming soon to a venue near you!


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Background and Horizons

Amanda & the Outlaws is the brainchild of Amanda Munro, a talented singer-songwriter with a voice that can move mountains. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, including classic rock, country, and blues, Amanda made her musical debut in 2021 with her solo project, "Clean Slate."


This EP received notable recognition, earning a nomination for Best Folk/Acoustic Album at the 2022 San Diego Music Awards. However, Amanda's musical journey took an exciting turn in 2022 when she realized a lifelong dream: the formation of an all-queer Americana band.

Joining her in this new venture are remarkable musicians who bring their own talents and experiences to the group. Pat Calvelo, formerly of the punk band Sugarpuss in Los Angeles, adds their drumming expertise to the band's rhythm section. Maxine Tangles, a multi-instrumentalist wonder, showcases her skills on the six-string bass, erhu, and banjolele. Amplifying the ensemble's sound, Amber Selba contributes backup vocals and lead guitar.


With this group of exceptionally talented musicians, Amanda & the Outlaws was born. Together, they seamlessly blend powerful guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics to create a sound that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Together, this quartet delivers electrifying performances of the beloved tracks from "Clean Slate," while Amanda continues to craft her raw and distinctive songwriting style. With the addition of a full band, her rhythm guitar and soaring lead vocals find new dimensions and textures. Exciting plans are on the horizon, as the band intends to release a new single in 2023, followed by a full album in 2024.

When performing live, the band presents an engaging mix of original compositions and carefully chosen covers. They have graced the stages of restaurants, breweries, wineries, farmer's markets, and private functions, captivating audiences all over Southern California. To keep up with their latest music releases and upcoming shows, be sure to subscribe for regular updates.


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